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Live Streaming

The year of 2020 brought many challenges. Events were shut down, as were many businesses. Weddings were shrunk, posing new challenges for those getting married. The same thing happened to funerals, to church services, and pretty much anything where people are.

Our owner thought that something should be done regarding this. We looked at this as a service to the community, not a new money making scheme. We realized people were missing seeing their Aunt who passed away in another state weren't able to watch the funeral. We heard from people who were cut from the guest list at a wedding, due to COVID limitations. It really created a lot of hardships for our fellow brothers and sisters in our communities.

We do this, because we are able to and it is right. As we are a video and photography company, we already had cameras. It only required a few new pieces of equipment to make sure we could video stream these events. We even purchased an internet hotspot and an external power supply to make sure that we can be anywhere people need us. Yes, we have streamed a wedding and a cemetery service (not for the same person, thank goodness!) far away from power and wifi service.

Even though we went with one of the best hotspot providers (Verizon), even they have some dead spots. We will verify the location has signal prior to booking your service. We don't want to let you down.

How much does it cost to do this? Not thousands. Hundreds. And not even $995. We start our streaming services at $295 for a one camera setup.

Are you interested? Contact us by clicking here, and I hope that we can help by serving you in this tough time.

FYI... here are some big reasons to hire us in case you are curious why you should do this, instead of using an on-board system at the venue or a cell phone stream....

1. We use the best possible audio available to us. If the venue has a good sound system, we will patch into that. If you have a DJ, we can patch into his/her system. If these aren't available, we then capture the event via a wired overhead mic and an on-person lapel. 

2. We always make sure whoever is speaking, or wherever the focus is at the moment, we do a solid medium shot so you can actually see the person/focus point. We have one operator for every camera, to make sure this happens.

3. We use professional grade equipment. While not the same as a TV station, our equipment does the same thing that a TV station would. The owner's background in the radio and TV industry has helped inform him of proper setup.

4. We give you 110% customer service from the day you contact us. We will make sure to coordinate with the venues that you want your live stream at, and will make sure we are all set up to the day we arrive. 

5. We stream via our partner, YouTube, as it allows for the greatest amount of flexibility. Your guests can still live chat, as they would in a Zoom meeting, but they can also watch via the YouTube app on their television, if they have that. Universal availability is key.

6. We can also customize and build a website for your stream, with the stream embedded in the site, and can also make a DVD of the event, for you to remember for years to come.

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