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Since Just Your Way Media started in 2015, we strived to become the business who serves our customers by capturing their lives. Whether that is a couple getting married, a family get-together, a business who wants their grand opening streamed to the world, or a non-profit who is looking for us to film their event. We can even restore old film or photography! We are there for the community of the Milwaukee metro area, stationed in the middle of Elm Grove, WI. We are here to serve you! Let us know how we can do so. Contact us by clicking here.


Just Your Way Media is a business that gives back. Through us providing services for individuals and businesses alike, we are able to provide our area non profits with discounts on services, or even free services if there is a need and we are able to help.

Jacob Brandt, the owner of Just Your Way Media (and companies) believes that giving back is a core to the being of what we are meant to do in this world. We are to serve others the best we can, so they can serve more!

Find out more about how we give back, by clicking here.


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